Week #4: Forgiving at the A&P supermarket

by ChrisK on January 22, 2010

This week was really special!

I was on line at the A&P supermarket and the woman behind me asked if she could rest her items behind mine and run back to get the vinegar she forgot to pick up. ” Sure”  I said as she dashed off.

The line moved so I brought the three of four items of hers closer to mine separating them with the plastic bar. When she got back with the bottle of vinegar she thanked me. I told her I wanted to pay for her groceries and had something else to give her. She looked stunned and said: “You must have gotten a blessing!” I smile and said, yes, I’m very blessed.

After paying we went outside where I read My Forgiveness Card to her. She thanked me and said “I’ll pass this on.”  I don’t know if her intention is to give the My Forgiveness Card to someone else but I do know we were both blessed.

More to come…

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