How to give My Forgiveness Card

Brothers, please, please, please don’t use My Forgiveness Card to run “your game” on women. If you decide to join our Forgiveness Movement do so because you are a Real Man who love our women and want to make the world a better place – one woman at a time.

Here’s how to give My Forgiveness Card to woman:

  1. Make sure you have a pen that writes well on the card. I like the fine point Sharpee markers. DON’T sign the card beforehand.
  2. Decide where you will be presenting the card, making sure it’s quiet enough and you won’t need to shout.  The location should be in a public space so she won’t feel threatened or afraid to stop and listen to you.
  3. Once you’ve decided who to give the card to, approach her with a smile and in a comfortable even voice ask: “Can I read this card to you? It will take less than two minutes.
  4. If she says “No” please tell her to have a Blessed day and allow her to be on her way.
  5. If she agrees, begin by reading Side #1 to her. Read slowly and pronounce your words clearly. Don’t be surprised if your voice cracks or you get emotional. I still can’t read it without choking up a bit.
  6. Turn the card over and read Side #2.
  7. Sign the card and present it to her.
  8. That’s it, congratulations! You’ve just made the world a better place.

A word of caution:

  • Some women might not appreciate your gesture. That’s OK, it’s her right. Don’t press her; just allow her to be on her way.
  • Some women get very emotional and want to talk about the experience. YOU ARE NOT TO ENGAGE IN CONVERSATION. The best you can do is point to the website on the card and invite her to leave a comment there.

Click here to see videos of how I gave My Forgiveness Card.

Thank you for contributing to The Forgiveness Movement. I would love to hear about your experience so drop me a note at the Blog page.



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