Week #3: Networking and Forgiving…

by ChrisK on January 14, 2010

I was at a business networking function and realized I hadn’t given out any My Forgiveness Cards for the week. There were two ladies in the group of roughly 20 so I made the decision to approach one of them after the meeting.  To my surprise one of them (not the one I mentally chose) approached me to get more information about my business. As I was explaining what we do I noticed that the other woman was preparing to leave. I excused myself and asked her if she could wait a few minutes; I had something to give to her. I exchanged business cards and concluded my conversation with the first woman.

My subject’s name was Terri. I gestured and asked if we could step a few feet away from the disbursing crowd of business people into a more private area of the meeting space.  She graciously complied and I read My Forgiveness Card to her.  She warmly and sincerely thanked me saying it was a wonderful gesture.

Onward and upward to more forgiveness!

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