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My Forgiveness Card is my attempt at starting a Forgiveness Movement among Real Men, with the hope of recapturing the Love and respect of our women.

Brothers, let’s offer our queens the chance to heal from the years of undeserved physical and emotional abuse, derogation, disrespect, objectification and mistreatment that they’ve suffered at our hands.

Now, I know that not all of us have abused our women, but this movement is more about healing old wounds so that we can move forward in Love. I believe our Sisters adore us; they just need to feel safe and protected by us.

I don’t expect women to forgive us immediately after receiving with My Forgiveness Card -hopefully some will. I know that it might cause some pain to resurface, but my hope and prayer is for each card to be given and received with love.

I hope that my Brothers who decide to join this movement will be patient and give our women the time and love they need to heal. Give the greatest gift of all.

Be Blessed,


My Inspiration for My Forgiveness Card
The Kelly Family – My Inspiration for My Forgiveness Card

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