Happy Black women – we need more of them!

I figure we (Men) have to do all we can to make our women as happy as we can because we need their help more than ever before!

Check out these stats …

  • According to a November, 2009 Washington Post article, the joblessness for 16-to-24 year-old black men has reached Great Depression proportions — 34.5 percent in October, more than three times the rate for the general U.S. population.
  • One out of three Black American males in the United States can be expected to be jailed during his lifetime, according to a recently released Justice Department report.
  • Blacks are 14% of the American population but account for 70% of all inmates.
  • There are more Black men in jail than in colleges.

I’m sure this isn’t news to you. You probably experienced these grim statistics firsthand, maybe though a family member. The question is what’s the solution? How do we make a positive difference?

I believe the solution is in the Mother of Mankind herself – The Black Woman.

  • She was chosen by God the Almighty to be the Mother of his Beloved creation.
  • She has the experience of ruling mighty African dynasties for hundreds of years. (Michelle Obama has the genes of this royal linage and may be President Obama’s best source of sound counsel and possibly our country’s salvation.)
  • She remained strong while they ripped her children from her loving arms and sold them into slavery to the highest bidder.
  • She was our support after the savage whip of the slave master broke our backs in the hot cotton fields during the days of legalized slavery.
  • She has been our support holding our family together while we were locked up.
  • She continues to be our support even when we abusively misdirect and vent our frustration caused by our inability to financially support our family.
  • She continues to be our support even while being more educated and earning more money than us.

More than ever we need our Wives, Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters, Aunts  and Daughters to help us to survive these challenging times. But first we men, the real men, have to give them something they all need but rarely get – an apology.

An apology that will hopefully lead to Forgiveness.

We have to ask our Wives, Grandmothers, Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Aunts to Forgive us.

Therman E. Evans, M.D., PhD. in his book From Purpose to Promise Driven Life, said “the purpose of Love is Giving; the Promise of Love is Forgiving.”

It is upon the rock of Forgiveness I see the solution for our people and the world at large.

My Forgiveness Card was created as a way to garner the support of our women by offering them the emotional space to heal.

As they heal, they will support more of us and by so doing we will create greater and wider circles of Love which will radiate throughout the world.

Brothers, please join this Forgiveness Movement by purchasing a pack of My Forgiveness Cards. Each pack has 52 cards: one to be given to a different woman for 52 weeks or one year.

Click here and join the Movement.

Be Blessed,
Use My Forgiveness Card to give the gift of Forgiveness™

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